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New 2022 LP Find A Better Way

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Their 2022 self-titled release is an album that demands attention from the first note. The opening lines, “If I  scream at the top of my lungs, and stamp my feet, ’til the floor comes undone,” immediately inform that a wild ride lies ahead. Recorded in Toronto at RHC Music, and produced by guitarist/producer Ross Hayes Citrullo alongside executive producer Renan Yildizdogan, The Commoners crafted a record which strikes the perfect balance between new and old, fresh yet familiar.

Fill My Cup - The Commoners - Single Artwork

First new 2022 single – Fill My Cup

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“A proper roots rock and roll experience… this song has it all. Fill My Cup is a rocker with a high-energy riff, emotional vocal performance and a feel-good summer chorus. The song speaks to life’s challenges and the ways in which we choose to approach them. Lead-singer Chris reminds listeners that they have the power to persevere, even when the wind is screaming, and the rain is pouring down.”

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