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The Commoners Find A Better Way Album Cover 2022

After a long wait with much anticipation, The Commoners’ new 9-song LP FIND A BETTER WAY is finally here. The reviews have been pouring in over the last few weeks, and the band would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to listen, share and review the record. You can hear the album in it’s entirety via your preferred streaming service HERE, as well as purchase your physical copy from our online store HERE. Have a look at what some of our favourite news outlets have to say about it.

The Commoners Find A Better Way Album Cover 2022

“Country rock, a dollop of blues and soul, roots, and rock… The Commoners’ Find A Better Way takes you up and down, and the ride is fabulous.”
–Powerplay Magazine, 9/10

“There’s light and shade, melodic rockers and country-tinged ballads, quality songs delivered with passionate energy. This is an album that gets better with each repeated listen.”
–Blues in Britain

“The pay-off is quite simply this: if there’s been a better roots rock n roll record this year, then I’d like someone to send it to me, please.”
-Maximum Volume Music

The album dropped everywhere on November 4th, while the band was out in Spain on their first European tour. Bass-player Ben Spiller shares his thoughts on the release:

“We were already touring the record, and selling LPs at every show… so in a sense to us it felt like the album was already out there. But once it released digitally and the reviews started pouring in, things really started to take off. The record gained a life of it’s own, and we started getting feedback from all around the world.”
-Ben Spiller, The Commoners

Photo by JC Polien

“Every so often a band comes along that is so good, and they release an album so special that it makes no sense that you’ve never heard of them before. How did this happen? Look, all you can do is forget the how’s, forget the why’s and just revel in the fact they exist”
-Maximum Volume Music

“I really think this is an album. As a whole it has the right tension, from the solid title track (Find A Better Way), to the beautifully conducted semi-acoustic closing track Alive. In the revival of southern rock, The Commoners could take a nice piece of the cake.”
-Rock Portaal NL

“A killer album from start to finish, The Commoners have delivered a real beauty dripping in quality, rich in its roots/rock heritage in a visceral form they have absolutely nailed it.”
-Rock ‘N’ Load

“A strong candidate to be among the best albums of the year, Find A Better Way is a record that combines the best of both worlds; the familiar, celebrated appeal of classic rock and the modern, untamed edge and themes the genre needs to stay relevant in our present-day world. Undoubtedly, a must-listen for any fan of the genre.”
-Blues Rock Weekly

“The Commoners have mixed their own blend of Southern rock influences, and it’s divine!”
–ERB Magazine, 8/10

“The Commoners find common ground in the classic rock of Free and Led Zeppelin, and the Southern flavourings of Black Crowes and Blackberry Smoke. They deliver the goods comprehensively on this nine-track album, touching all the bases, combining tasty riffs & soul-tinged vocals.”
–R’N’R Magazine, 4 Stars

The Commoners Find A Better Way Album Cover 2022

Find A Better Way is a brilliantly produced album. From beginning to end, it had my full attention.”
–HRH Magazine

“The moment the organ screams in to Find A Better Way, I’m hooked. This is clearly Temperance Movement style blues rock of a very high standard.”
–Powerplay Magazine, 9/10

“This album doesn’t just Fill My Cup, my cup runneth over, but with only nine songs, including the three consummate singles, you are left thirsty for more.”
–ERB Magazine, 8/10

Find A Better Way is a roots rocker directed towards governments, public leaders and even one’s neighbours, blends jangly guitars, sinewy organ, a tight rhythm section and killer vocals. An uplifting scorcher, it reminds us that genuine, honest values still exist. How refreshing.”
–Rock and Blues Muse, 9/10


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The band would like to thank everyone who took the time to listen, share and review the album. They’d also like to hear from you. Leave a comment on this post if you have a favourite song on the record, or if any stood out to you in any way. Some final thoughts from the lads:

“The Find A Better Way album was an enormous learning experience for us as a band. We went through a lot of experimentation, soul searching and personal development. It didn’t all come easy, and we had to work hard to find common ground, a unified direction for the album, and the group as a whole. Since touring the record across Europe, the live versions of these songs have taken on a new life. We’ve taken certain numbers farther than we ever thought they could go with new arrangements, extended sections and dynamic changes that can only really be conceived and achieved in a live setting. The result has us looking forward to new horizons with a fresh mindset on writing/recording, with plenty of inspiration to push forward.”

Here’s a new tune the band has been working on, live from Brin De Zinc in Chambéry, France. SHAKE YOU OFF was a highlight of almost every show, and the lads can’t wait to get back in the studio to record it. A taste of what’s to come in 2023…

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